Richard Joliet CPA provides a full suite of services in business consulting, accounting and controllership to small businesses and individuals. This allows our firm to tailor a program perfectly suited to meet your needs – simplifying the process, ensuring efficiency, and saving and making you money.


Businesses must plan for change. Richard Joliet CPA educates and empowers leaders to make decisions that will best position their business to succeed.

  • Business Planning Whether you’re just starting out, have been running a successful operation for years, or need help with startup partnerships to avoid un-deductible losses, Rich is equipped with extensive business planning expertise to help ensure your operations are organized and optimized for growth.
  • Budgeting & Planning: Successful businesses plan for change and are prepared when change arrives. Budgets are a tool to help businesses manage that change.  Because every business has a limited amount of resources, being able to monitor resources wisely is imperative. Budgeting is the first step in knowing your financial position and achieving your goals.
  • Controllership: For those who have started a business, they generally know the product or industry well but lack accounting expertise. Put Rich’s years of experience in accounting and business management to work. Whether you’re a multi-entity owner who needs assistance coordinating all your businesses or a single operation who doesn’t want to hire a Chief Financial Officer, Rich can easily set up controls and procedures that guarantee your accounting functions are expertly conducted, freeing you up to grow your business.
  • Taxes
    • Analysis
    • Returns
    • Taxes: Proper Tax structure is a critical element of every business. Rich Joliet CPA prepares taxes for individuals, partnerships and corporations working with our clients to choose the right tax structure for their business.
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Business Growth
  • Quickbooks Evaluation
  • Industry Comparisons
  • Financial Management: Are you required by your bank, bonding company or a third party to have a compiled or independently reviewed financial statement? Richard Joliet CPA can help you in the process by compiling and reviewing financial statements.


  • Tax Analysis
    • Wondering if it would be wise to sell assets, how to properly reinvest without stringent tax penalties, or what higher earnings will do for your overall budget? Rich partners with expert financial planners to create wealth and planned tax strategies customized to your needs.
  • Tax Returns
    • Tax returns either elicit emotions of great anticipation or great anxiety. Rich will eliminate the guesswork by managing the often-complicated details, ensuring a maximum return and avoidance of costly errors.
  • Financial Management
    • Richard Joliet CPA will partner with you to help you better understand how to manage your money and meet your life objectives. Let Rich get you on the path to efficient financial management.