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For most, accounting drums up visions of handheld calculators and piles of unsorted receipts. While accounting can be complicated, with Richard Joliet CPA, it doesn’t have to be dull. Rich is much more than a cash counter. He is a strategic planner, financial expert, and business guru focused on delivering customized solutions that save money and drive greater growth for his clients every day. That’s something that should be exciting for everyone. And even though Rich thinks big, he’s still good with the small details. He’ll handle everything from the tedious particulars to big-picture planning so you can spend more time doing what you love.

As a small business owner, it is invaluable to me that Rich has operated his own company. It gives him a unique understanding of the needs and challenges small businesses face. Because of his experience, Rich always takes a personalized approach and is able to deliver customized solutions for us. It totally sets him apart from the competition.
Adventure Auto Glass - Prescott Valley
Beth Staub
Owner of Adventure Auto Glass in Prescott Valley
Richard Joliet not only delivers absolute professional excellence, but he’s very personable. For me, working with Rich makes tax season a simpler, more enjoyable and a less anxiety-provoking experience.”

Bob Peronne
Decision Point CEO
As the principal of a boutique public relations firm, my focus must be 100 percent on meeting the needs of my clients and the media – it’s more than a full-time job. Having Rich as a resource, both for business planning and accounting, has been a godsend. He ensures that my filings are always current and accurate and makes this part of business-which I have always dreaded-a total breeze.”
Courtenay Sprunger - Big Sky Public Relations
Courtenay Sprunger
Big Sky Public Relations